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Chinglish-Adorned Scooters in Taiwan

Here is a collection of quirky, odd, and downright wrong (English-wise) logos/decals, which dot the landscape of scooters here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Generally speaking, these errors are more often found on older models; newer decals are, more often than not, … Continue reading

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America’s Streets of Wild

In 1993, while walking across the campus of the University of Minnesota, probably around midnight, on my way home from a study session at the library, I passed by a blue-light campus security booth, which is where someone could run … Continue reading

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Why Not Taiwan?

About four years ago, I became utterly burned out on Taiwan. Having lived here, theretofore, for a period of four years already, I was starting to feel restless. I grew impatient with the driving, displeased with the air pollution, and … Continue reading

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With Tongue

With tongue, I continue my search, For you taste like nothing on earth. This feels as you feel in my mind. Tensions, frustrations, are all left behind.   Your succulent lips I caress tenderly. With fingers I circle, so easily. … Continue reading

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Lounging and Living Large in Laos

This gentle lad and his friends played tag with me for a few hours one day while I was staying in their village in Laos while on an overnight trek.  What a wonderful experience it was, not only for the … Continue reading

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Shave or… Die!

One immeasurably troubling night in 1997, I found myself tapping, unwillingly, on death’s door.  Why the Grim Reaper, himself, didn’t open it completely, I have no clue, but I believe he cracked his door open wide enough to see whom … Continue reading

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Going Deep

Going Deep

Somewhere in Thailand–or was it Myanmar…

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