Covered in soot, these two young lads were sorting coal in a dark shack on a side street in Yangon.

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7 Responses to Toil

  1. vagabondwithfamily says:

    Overseas/International school teachers we are. With a new baby boy, she was too concerned about living there. A mom’s prerogative, eh!?! Life is life and one rolls with the punches, right!? Anyway, it looks like you are enjoying SE Asia! Travel safe! Speaking of which:

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Yes, it was. I felt so many emotions, but wasn’t sure how to channel those into something tangible, i.e., action, and I admittedly felt torn about, and partially, guilty taking a photography of their predicament (and now feel hypocritical talking about it as such!).

      • I was actually just there a few weeks ago and I know exactly what you mean. The thing is… The people there were so beautiful and open and proud. I took a lot of pictures too ( but I like to think that each picture has such a powerful story that it should be told, even if it seems like a photo is a kind of blunt way to tell the story. Hmm.. I guess I am torn too!

      • vagabondwithfamily says:

        I have been twice, and we were supposed to move there last month until someone I know (my wife) changed her mind! Turning down the post was hard, for I really wanted to experience life there in Myanmar on a longer-term basis! One day…

      • Wow, what an experience that would be. But I can definitely understand why your wife would have hesitations. Hopefully one day you will get there for an extended period of time and without worries. Wishing you both luck! What would you be doing there?

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