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Our Favorite B&B in Southern Taiwan

Needing an escape from Kaohsiung’s urban atmosphere? Looking to relax and unwind? Without a doubt, this B&B will do the trick! We’ve been going here for about three years now, and we’ll continue to go back time and time again … Continue reading

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Splashing Around: Raising School Money by Getting Soaked

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A Catalyst for Contemplation

Have you ever felt that a simple quote can encapsulate all that life is about? Every now and then, I come across one that just hits the nail precisely on the head.  One of my all-time favorite quotes is from … Continue reading

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Rastaman Libations (The “Dangers” of Traveling Abroad)

Recently, I posted my tale about an at-gun-point experience I suffered while traveling in Croatia back in 2002. Continuing with the same theme of the potential dangers of the open road, all of my recollections prompted by the unforgettable Charles … Continue reading

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1980’s Star Wars Figures (For Fun)

These figures had been sitting in storage in a molding box for over 20 years without seeing the light of day. On a visit to my mother’s house, I took them out to photograph for the hell of it. Ah, … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka: Surely Worthwhile

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They’re Not My Rāhula (A Father’s Traveling Quandary)

This, my dear blogging community, is a post on which I would like some feedback. Please tell me what you think. Give insight. I’d love to hear varying perspectives. What’s your take on this? —————————————————————————————————– Though, of course, there are … Continue reading

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