Northern Thailand and Laos

Village Fun

Traditional Garb and Games

Working for a Living

Luang Prabang, Laos

Don’t Stare… Or Else!

Vestiges of Colonial Times

Guesthouse Options


That’s One Way…


Laos Landscape

Rentals for $6-$7US/day

A Few Laughs on Me!

I spent two hours at this roadside shack showing the kids how to flip a bottle cap off one’s elbow to catch it. No shared language except for simple games for fun!

Who cares about seeing a place like the Eiffel Tower when you can see smiles like this in Laos!

Local Transport

Stay Aways Rays!

Working All Day

Afternoon Rush Hour

Street Snacks

Fruit Seller in Vientiane

Old Colonial

Making Rain While the Sun Shines

Vientiane Highlights

Vientiane Views


Northern Thailand Beauty

At It All Morning

What a Cutie!

Fun and Games II

The children in this village where I stayed had such great fun just playing with string and coffee beans! No need for the latest iPad nor PSP to have laughs.

A Blast of a Time

A Guest House Owner’s Toddler

Somewhere in Northern Thailand

Temple Gestures

Wares for Sale

Picking Flowers

Temple Details

Heading Home

Morning Alms Collection

The Look

Laughing in Laos

One of My Favorite Shots

Those Eyes…

Village Play Time

Free Turkey Rides!

How Many Stories?

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5 Responses to Northern Thailand and Laos

  1. windy2020 says:

    It’s a terrible day. Feeling life is so cruel and harsh. Thinking of a medication trip to Laos. And find your blog. The photos light up my spirit. Thank you!

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Wow, great to know that the pics had that effect! Hopefully your “cruel and harsh” moments are gone!

  2. windy2020 says:

    I can feel the peace and love in the photos.

  3. skiman says:

    Very Nice!!!!!

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