Sri Lanka: Surely Worthwhile

Bus Stop Denizen, Sri Lanka

Unawatuna Beach

Mother and Child


On the Lookout

The Brightest Smile Ever

Beachside Moments

Unawatuna Beachgoer

Tea Time

No, He Isn’t Urinating

My Bungalow’s Neighbor

For about $20US near the beach…

Barren Beach

Temple Details

Patterns (How I wish I could take out the garbage bags…)

Up in the Hills

While walking around the terraced landscapes, I came across this fun bunch. With some broken English, they communicated with me a bit.

Cricket Star

Tea Tour Tidbits

Exuding Colonial Charm

Lakeside Attraction

Reaching for the Skies

A Smile, a Grin, and a…


Kandy, Sri Lanka

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Shoe Shine

Local Transport

With Help from the Japanese

Stupa, Stupa Everywhere

Dambulla Cave Temple Complex

While talking to this lad, I was startled to hear his cell phone go off from somewhere inside his robe.

Damn Old Show of Skin

Calling to You from a Distance

B&B Facade

Dambulla Cave Reclining Buddha

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7 Responses to Sri Lanka: Surely Worthwhile

  1. Richmond says:

    amazing, truely amazing, will be in Sri Lanka next month, and really looking forward to my visit, i have always told my grandkids the world is ONE BIG BIG CLASSROOM. Peace and Good Health to You and the Family -: Peace

  2. Raunak says:

    Its a pity that inspite of being in its neighborhood I haven’t visited Sri Lanka yet. Thanks for the beautiful images. I think I know where my next trek is 🙂

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Thank you for taking a look at the pics! Yes, surely a worthwhile destination! It surely is a pity more travelers don’t make their way there, but, then again, the less travelers there is, the better folks like me are off!

  3. Richert Manjarres says:

    Amazing images….

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