1980’s Star Wars Figures (For Fun)

These figures had been sitting in storage in a molding box for over 20 years without seeing the light of day. On a visit to my mother’s house, I took them out to photograph for the hell of it. Ah, the memories.

My 3.5-year-old daughter saw this photo and said, “He is so handsome!”

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4 Responses to 1980’s Star Wars Figures (For Fun)

  1. WOW, you brought back memories. I used to own all of those and more. Thanks

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      If photography should trigger something from inside, e.g., sentiment, memories, reactions, etc., than that’s good to know that you have memories of them! I had others, too, but the pics of them weren’t very good.

  2. Richert Manjarres says:

    Awesome blast from the past. 🙂

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