Our Favorite B&B in Southern Taiwan

Needing an escape from Kaohsiung’s urban atmosphere? Looking to relax and unwind? Without a doubt, this B&B will do the trick! We’ve been going here for about three years now, and we’ll continue to go back time and time again for as long as we live in Southern Taiwan. The owners, Klein and Renee, both of whom speak English well, will dazzle you with great food, the atmosphere will take away all of your stresses, and the location will allow you to be close enough to Kenting’s more fast-paced environs–yet far enough away to permit a feeling that you are away from it all when you need to be. We’ve stayed in a few of the rooms, and each has its own style and ambience. Moreover, the socializing/dining area and lofted balcony above make for a wonderful, peaceful getaway, where reading, chatting, internet surfing, listening to music, and lounging are easily doable. This is not party central, so if you plan to rock the house until the wee hours, please don’t choose this B&B. It is all about relaxation and loafing, great food and great people. Klein and Renee do everything well, so I can practically promise you will not be disappointed. For more information, give them a ring at 08-8866566! Or check out their website (in Chinese): http://www.casaaperta.com/live_env.php They also have email: casa.aperta@msa.hinet.net

The view from the pool’s deck.

The Pool

The B&B and Pool

The Loft and Breakfast Preparation Area

The Stairwell Area

Socializing/Dining Area

Love This Place!

One of the Room Options

Evening Atmosphere

Sunny Days

Main Entry

From the Pool Area

The Great Escape

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4 Responses to Our Favorite B&B in Southern Taiwan

  1. Katina says:

    What are the rates there? I can’t read the Chinese on the website. I do not have an international license or local license to rent a scooter. I will be going to Kenting by myself. Which area do you recommend staying in order to get around and see sights easily? I read that buses can be infrequent. I am wondering if it would be really inconvenient to visit Kenting and the national park without a scooter or a car. What do you think?

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Egad! I just had composed a message to you and then lost it! Bummer! Anyway, I’ve just sent a message to the owner of the B&B to ask if you can email them direct about rates and bus information. We always rely on our car to get down, so I am not too sure about the ease of the bus system. I am sure once you are there (and I’ve seen many places that do) you can rent a scooter to explore more, which I would recommend. The park and other sites/sights, such as the aquarium, are far apart. However, if you stay centrally located near the strip (the main drag where the night stands set up), then you may not need transport. The B&B would surely require transport. I’ll let you know if I can get their email for you!

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      You may not actually need a license to rent from some places!

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Hi, Katina.

      Here is their email: casa.aperta@msa.hinet.net


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