A Selection of Photos from Sri Lanka

In 2009, having hopped around most countries in East and SE Asia already, for I’d been traveling extensively while living in Taiwan and Japan for much of the previous few years, I decided to look elsewhere in Asia for my next solo backpacking journey. Pondering while perusing the details of a wall map of the world, I couldn’t help but imagine what awaited me in Sri Lanka, a place I’d heard plenty about, naturally, one that surely would satisfy that persistent urge to explore somewhere off the well-worn path. Because of the unrest and continued troubles there, Sri Lanka was surely less trodden, if you will, and that enticed me. Easy it was to make that decision, and off I was a few weeks later to spend nine days traveling with a private driver, the easiest option for transport, I’d decided, especially so I didn’t venture on my own into the wrong areas (though a mere 45 minutes away at one point in our trip happened a bus attack which left two people killed and a few others wounded). With the help of my driver, I was able to get to places such as Kandy, Unawatuna, Nuwara Eliya, Galle, Dambulla, and some small beaches on the south coast. Undoubtedly, the country is chock full of worthwhile-for-any-traveler sites. Moreover, the people whom I met, though sometimes too persistent about having me buy their wares, were eagerly friendly, and the geography of the country begs to be explored. Simply put, go now, while the sleepiness and laid back atmosphere of it all still lingers.

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One Response to A Selection of Photos from Sri Lanka

  1. mmtread says:

    Gorgeous shots, VWF!

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