A five/six-year-old kid said…

While at an indoor playground here in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, a tyke stated to my wife, after she simply told him to be careful about smaller children nearby–because he was running around out of control, that he would “tell my uncle, and he will kill you and your family.”

What would you have said or done?  I’d love to gain some insight into how others would view this situation.  

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2 Responses to A five/six-year-old kid said…

  1. Chanté says:

    I am pretty sure I or more than likely my husband who is Taiwanese, to go and tell his uncle or who ever he was with about what he had just said. If this did not get an apology from that kid, then I think I would blow a fuse! I would have found out how to say the words in Chinese, and told ALL the parents around there what that kid had just said, and the parent/uncles lack of discipline.

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Hey, thanks for sharing Chanté. I was astonished at what was said, yet even more so that the people I was with wouldn’t aide in explaining what I wanted to say. A long story, but I felt it was totally appropriate and necessary to say something; otherwise, it is condoning and perhaps even promoting the behavior.

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