I Just Don’t Yet Get Blogging…

Being relatively new to blogging, having done a number of entries (with both my written blogs and photographic ones), I still don’t “get it.”  I see I have 300 followers now; however, what does that mean?  I still don’t have a clue as to if those people are reading my blogs, for “likes” and my stats are very low, and even if they are real people.  I clicked on someone’s avatar to see what they are up to, as is suggested, but it led to some sort of property management group page, and other avatar clicks simply brought me to whatever blank avatar-linked website and brought me nowhere close to a “real” person.  Moreover, I am left wondering why 300 bloggers follow me, yet they don’t comment or like my entries–whereas other bloggers’ sites I’ve gone to have countless comments, it seems.  So what do I do?  Continue this?  Cease these endeavors?  Do I need to really just spend time commenting on others’ blogs and gathering interest that way?  Any ideas out there?  Does the lack of comments and such merely mean my entries aren’t worth anything to others?  Are my photos not good enough for the cyberworld to view?  What to do… what to do?!

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10 Responses to I Just Don’t Yet Get Blogging…

  1. Your photos are of tremendous quality, your posts are genuine… I’d say beginnings are tough but I don’t let that bother me.
    I “like” when I truly LIKE a post and comment when it speaks to my experiences in life but we can’t cater for the universe, we are a very diverse specie 🙂
    When I write, I liberate myself from opinions so I can be honest with my inspirations. Its important to block the “like” “comments” or “views” phenomenon as I feel it’s not always a relevant factor to the quality we offer in our blog.
    Just share your enthusiasm, it’ll eventually shine through!

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Thank you for commenting here! I appreciate the comments about the photos; that’s great to hear. Yes, indeed, we are diverse, eh?! Good advice on the “likes” or “views” focus of this all. I appreciate that insight. Happy Blogging!

  2. Chanté says:

    I found your blog through a post you made on Kaohsiung Living, and found it so much connected to the life we lead here in Taiwan, also being a mixed racial couple, with mixed racial children… and the everyday life struggles we face trying to lead a normal life on this island. I have shared a blog post of yours on FB before, and really hope your blog can become more popular…

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Thank you, Chante, for following and commenting on my blog. Yes, I’m finding that writing about some issues/topics here in KHH or in Taiwan are easiest and, obviously, the most relevant. Fingers crossed on whatever will be will be!

      Trying to Understand

  3. jolynnpowers says:

    Ok I just started fallowing resently and I am also a new blogger and the only thing that I have found that people comment on is food?? what is it that is so univeraly appealing about food I have no idea but I always get more comments and likes about that subject? maybe you need a post about markets and food…hehehe ! I am sure thier are some really lovely ones where you are and the food is totaly different from where I am at so it would be educational to say the least … and as always you are welcome to look over my blogg. I get low sats too and realy don’t care to much. I write to remmber things… I am in a rush most of time and life is flying by so I want to write for my kids… I want to remmber the events and places better. I want them to see the world through eyes. I hope that you keep writing and shareing I enjoy hearing about your adventures also. JoLynn….

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Thank you, JoLynn. Hey, good idea on the food stuff, for… you’re right that stomachs please us most sometimes–and stuff that relates to food is often a good idea. However, I am still curious, and admittedly, somewhat tentative, about the whole community and how it all works.

      Happy Blogging,

  4. ttrina says:

    I think you should certainly keep blogging, I enjoy your blog, the style of your writing, experiences you share… So please keep going

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Hi, Ttrina. Thanks for that. A bloke from Eastern Europe liked a post I made last week, and when I went to his blog, I saw that there was a heavy flow of comments between him and other bloggers. I just don’t see how it is started and how to continue it! Back to the drawing board! ; )

  5. Karolyn Cooper says:

    Keep writing. Some of us are real people!

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Geez, I hope so, Karolyn! Now, how to see if more followers are real…

      Happy blogging!


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