Piccolo Polpo, A New Favorite Eatery of Ours in Kenting, Taiwan

If you’ve been to Kenting, you’ve certainly experienced that deep urge while there to have something more upscale than the ubiquitous Thai food stops in town, more delectable than the roadside stand grub at the evening street market, and more worthwhile than the sometimes–but-not-always decent offerings at Smokey Joe’s. Based on our experience dining at the newly-opened Piccolo Polpo in Nanwan, located just across the street from the beach and a few doors down from Bossa Nova, we would like to recommend it to you, dear readers.

Whether you are coming from elsewhere in Taiwan, straight from Kaohsiung, or from overseas, the Piccolo Polpo will not disappoint–unless you’re looking for McDonald’s quality food and price, i.e., something super cheap, quick and easy (and not very good, in my opinion). With that said, I must first tell you that the prices here are above the average local greasy joint’s prices, but the cost is surely, without any doubt in my mind, worth it. You won’t break the bank, either, so don’t be alarmed by my including the fact that prices are moderately higher than other places nearby.

Much about Piccolo Polpo differs from other Kenting options, thankfully, and that undoubtedly includes the ambience. When my family and I walked in, I felt totally at ease even though I was immediately impressed by the atmosphere. Although it is clean, airy, bright, and more upscale than most beachside joints near Nanwan, this place isn’t pretentious about its overall status as a restaurant. Indeed, it is a few steps up on the atmosphere ladder from laid back places like Bossa Nova, which we’ve enjoyed a few times ourselves, and Warung Didi, another restaurant we’ve frequented over the years, but it goes nowhere near the upper limits of pretension like the grand-scale resort dining halls in Kenting’s major hotels, the ones that tend to be too stuffy and too over-the-top pompous.

Without hesitation, I can say, too, that the cuisine on offer here is fantastic. Though we’ve not been able to sample everything on the menu yet, our group of six adults enjoyed everything that we ordered (and we’ve been back twice for dinner on a recent visit in August). To top off the excellent entrees and appetizers that we savored, the desserts were outstanding (I regret that I didn’t take any food photos and that I didn’t write down prices from the menu).

The owners of Piccolo Polpo, which means “little octopus” in Italian, are Klein and Renee, a couple that once owned the 612 Cafe in Kaohsiung (near MinTzu Dollars and the Midtown Bagel in that same neighborhood). They opened a B&B in Kenting a few years ago, a place I’ve blogged about, too, and they’re now focusing on this new establishment, which to me is a sure-fire hit with many, merely because it is such a pleasant change of pace from all other offerings in Kenting, as I’ve stated. As with their other ventures, they definitely know what they are doing to please customers. Undoubtedly, you should let them treat you to that hospitality at the Piccolo Polpo.

Piccolo Polpo (7 of 7)

Piccolo Polpo (6 of 7)

Piccolo Polpo (5 of 7)

Piccolo Polpo (4 of 7)

Piccolo Polpo (3 of 7)

Piccolo Polpo (2 of 7)

Piccolo Polpo (1 of 7)

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