Been a while…


Dizzy.  Rolling out of control.  Scenery, like the internal images of a rotating kaleidoscope in the hands of an eagerly entertained youngster, flashed by in a mixture of shapes and sizes.  Intoxicated by the rush of doing something utterly different, wondering if we had lost all sense of reality, and feeling as if my heart would never be one complete piece again, I found myself with arms wrapped tightly around my chest, rolling sideways down a dew-dampened grassy hillside in the nascent light of day.  It was June some-teenth, 1987, in the middle of our town at the local cemetery on the morning after high school graduation and our senior all-night party, a night which begat a mere two hours of interrupted catnaps in the back of my 1979 Chevy Impala.  Despite feeling as if those few moments were catapulting me into another realm of consciousness, the realization hit me…

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