Every Accusation is Wrong

My name is Michael Brown, a ten-year expat here in K-town, and my life has been a living hell for two years-plus. I’m over a million NT in the hole so far, I’ve made over 400 documents to get translated for the Courts, and I am not giving up on keeping my children in my life to some degree or another.
I am a good/great father, and I love my children with all of my heart.  I want everyone to know that, especially because of the accusations against me–allegations I was recently told are still being thrown around even publicly.
Recently, someone told me that more allegations were made against me, publicly, allegations which are unfounded, unfair, and ridiculously wrong.
I am writing this to defend myself.  There is no attack here.  There is no libel nor slander. I am only defending my reputation by stating the following allegations against me are completely untrue
I have never perpetrated any of the following accusations.  They are unfounded, absurd, and incredibly hurtful:
1) I have never put my hands around my daughter’s neck to attempt to strangle her. Never.  Any such claim hurts me beyond compare–even when I know the allegation are 1,000% false.  If such accusations were true, why do my children stay with me two weekends each month at my house?
2) I have never hit my daughter in the head so that my son went home to talk about it. Never. If such accusations were true, why do my children stay with me two weekends each month at my house?
3) I have never beaten my children. Never. If such accusations were true, why do my children stay with me two weekends each month at my house?
4) I have never threatened my children with violence at my home so that they only smile when they run to me on the weekend pick-ups (all videotaped), when they come to my house for two days.  The children run to me or smile or kiss me on the cheek or hug me because they love me–not because I threaten to beat them if they don’t. If such accusations were true, why do my children stay with me two weekends each month at my house?
5) I have never threatened to beat my children so that they only smile on videos I take of them when they are with me on the weekends.  They smile, laugh, giggle, dance, etc., because they love me. Hundreds of videos reveal and prove that love, just as families take videos of outings, in general. There is no falsehood to my videos of the children, no coaching, no brainwashing. Never. If such accusations were true, why do my children stay with me two weekends each month at my house?
6) I have never had parties at my house when the kids were there, which allegedly caused the kids to go back crying, because they were so tired because of lack of sleep and that they didn’t get food.
7) I have never had sex with woman while with the children present, nor had woman sleeping at my house, with the children there–so that they awoke and were confused why I had women there at my house. Never.
8) I have never taken my children on romantic outings with my alleged affairs.  There were no affairs and the children were never placed in such a situation.
9) I have never made anyone in my family fear me. Never.  
10) I have never told the children not to like seafood nor to not eat beans or anything like that.  There is absolutely no allegation about me regarding food and the children that is accurate.  Trying to paint me as a bad father is absurd.  I have emails from the same accusers, which state I am an “excellent father”.
11) I have never left my children “frightened and crying” and “shivering in the corner”.  How could a man who made the children allegedly “shiver in the corner” be labelled as a great father in private emails to my family and friends, just a few days and weeks after separation (emails AFTER the accusations)?!?!  
13) I have never shown favoritism to my daughter so that my son feels neglected. I love both my children with all of my heart, fully. 
14) I never neglected to visit my mother on her deathbed because I “wanted to spend more time” in other US states traveling, first, on my 2013 trip to America. That accusation hurts.  Even though totally wrong, that hurts.  My mother dying of cancer two years ago should never have entered court documents, especially with such a claim.  NOBODY IN MY FAMILY KNEW THAT SHE WAS ON HER DEATHBED.  NOBODY KNEW HER STATE WAS SO GRAVE.
15) I never abandoned my children.  Never. Abandonment does not include having the children at my house every M/W/F night and on Sundays immediately upon moving into a new two-bedroom apartment, specifically rented to have them at my house, on shared time scheduling.  Nobody who abandons children asks for shared custody from the start (and sole custody after…).
16) I have NEVER threatened to take my children back to America. In fact, I have email exchanges to prove that for years I told my family I’d always stay in Taiwan even if my marriage faltered.
17) I never neglected to pay for my children. I have proof of all.
18) I have never stolen money. Never. I do not owe money. Nothing at all.  And, in fact, I have evidence on the contrary.
I could continue this list of false allegations and absurd accusations AGAINST me and my family. Suffice it to say, my defense against these allegations is my right, even publicly. I have not attacked anyone by doing so.  There are no lies here and I am not fabricating anything.  I am purely stating what accusations are wrong, totally.
I have NOT brought accusations, real nor fabricated, against anyone. Everything above is to defend myself.
My children mean the world to me.  Emails from the past, upon separation, state, “The children are your life.” That is still the whole truth. Undoubtedly. I have been fighting to be in their lives ever since that accurate email. Another email to my Aunt stated “He is a great father to the children, and I respect that, as did emails sent to my good friend in America around the same time. Those emails are STILL the truth.  No accusation since is accurate nor real.
A month after separation, in a recorded conversation, I was told that the best caregivers for the children include… “you, Michael” (there were only four people on the list). Nothing has changed except the ridiculous accusations against me since.
I am Michael Brown, and I am a good/great father. I have evidence to prove it.
[This posting will most likely result in an attempted volley of “explanations”.  I am comfortable with hearing out anyone in response. I have evidence to defend the accusations. I feel comfortable and confident in doing so.]
[For those expats interested in how the process has gone, going through all in a foreign country, I can share this: 1) a professional interpreting service told me via email when I asked why she’d altered my document and omitted sections in her translations, “I left out that paragraph from your document because in Taiwan, grandparents will…”, i.e., a professional translator CHANGED my document because of her cultural differences and biased blinders, 2) a social worker’s report stated, “the mother should get custody to protect the children from the influence of language and culture,” (even though my children are bicultural, biracial, bilingual), 3) a face-to-face interpreter changed my answers in a meeting with social services from “I don’t think so,” to “He doesn’t know,” completely changing the meaning of my answers, 4) and a woman assigned to investigate the parents said, “You are not a good father, you show no insight into being a good parent, you’re not capable, you never want to change, and you always think you’re right.” Her report came after a FIVE-MINUTE observation of me and my two children in their room and a letter she read that I wrote my children, a letter my family said made them cry! The system here is pure, utter travesty.]
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