Стойкий мужик Symbolism Condensed

Tomorrow is my (possibly) last custody hearing (the first in over seven or eight months, since I was told the verdict would come in “about 1-1.5 months”). So on Monday, I got my first tattoo, by hocking something that once was very special–yet now could allow me to get this tattoo. I should thank the people who allowed me to afford it.

I’m writing a blog about all the symbolism here–and why I needed it NOW, but suffice it to say (if I don’t finish my blog by the time of the hearing tomorrow) that I am a “Standing Man”. Really, Стойкий мужик, as you can see in the video clip from Bridge of Spies, to follow below, means “Resilient Man,” so I placed it as the foundation of the tattoo. Blue lotus flowers also have significance, as does ‘aum’/’om’, represented in the middle petal.

Tattoo Done








Close Up Tattoo








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2 Responses to Стойкий мужик Symbolism Condensed

  1. Ramesh says:

    What does other two Russian word means?

    • vagabondwithfamily says:

      Oh, hi. Just saw the comment here. The two other Russian words are my children’s names. ; )

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