Michael Brown, an expat in Taiwan, needs help! Here is why!

My Go Fund Me Campaign is here!

I am an expatriate in Taiwan, and I am being f_______d–and all is based on nonsense lies, utter fabrication, unsubstantiated claims.  I truly need help financially, so I have started a GoFundMe second campaign, after getting some help from friends and family 1.5-2 years ago.  I am in desperate need of retaining a lawyer.  My story is partially on GoFundMe already, and this attached PDF document shows email evidence of my ex-wife clearly stating (that it HARD EVIDENCE) that SHE OWES ME, at the time of separation, yet she is now trying to take me to the cleaners ($93,000US) based on nonsense!

Based on principle, I cannot accept this.  I am fighting on, but I now need help and need to hire a lawyer, having represented myself these past, roughly, two years.

The attached document shows the emails that prove the point I have repeated in Court: It is impossible to owe someone $93,000US three years after separation (a separation that included numerous emails that stated how she owes me money!).  Nothing can change the facts of the HARD EVIDENCE within her emails about her debts to me!


Six months after separation, my ex-wife sent a PDF letter to my friends, family and her friends (and who knows to whom else) that made these claims, wrongful, unfounded, accusations (in this next document attachment).  This attached link below explains how those false allegations were ridiculous claims.  2.5 years later, I finally need to share this.


This following (ONE) email is enough to counter any false claims that my ex-wife now fabricates about me owing her money.  IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to write she owes me money and then claim years later that I owe her $93,000US!  IMPOSSIBLE!  If the Court ignores that simple fact, JUSTICE WILL HAVE FAILED.





This next email clearly shows that my ex-wife knows and believes I am a good father.  On October 24th, 2013, three weeks after separation and 1.5 months after an argument that effectively ended the marriage, when my ex kicked me out, she wrote I was a great father–and that she would never deny it. However, in custody case hearings and documents, she has falsely claimed horrible things about me–and her PDF lies (see the above document) sent to family and friends, wrongly accused me of frightening her and the children.  She NEVER would have written me that I was a great father if I had scared her just 1.5 months before.  Again, such lies are proven wrong.




Three days before separation, my ex-wife wrote that she must “have to move on”, in a FB message exchange with my aunt in America, yet she has falsely claimed in Court that I suddenly abandoned the family without warning.  That is NONSENSE.  She kicked me out and then secretly wrote family about the relationship being over–even BEFORE separation!  Moreover, telling my aunt that I am a great father, a month after our last argument, completely counters her false claims that she had to hide the children, shivering in a corner from me.  All her lies are proven to be lies.





Finally, adding more proof that her lies are nonsensical, wrongful allegations against me, this email clearly shows how she KNEW that “the kids are your life.” Yet she continued to fabricate to others that I just abandoned them.  Never in a million years did I do that, nor would I.  She is incredibly hurtful and wrong.  She has destroyed my relationship with my children.


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