Sustained Incredulity

Here is a letter I wrote tonight, ostensibly to my children, sending it to their mother’s email, about the pressure of my 7-year-old daughter having been told to study to prepare for a “big test”, one she was told may hinder her from advancing from grade two to grade three, a test that does NOT exist.  

I have ample reasons to explain all that the issue entails because or the reasons I explained in the following text.  My ex is aiming to discredit me as a candidate for custody because, she claims in Court documents that I “cannot help with the kid’s homework”.  A Court investigator sent to my home to do an observation back in October asked, for her very first question, “How do you plan to support the children to do homework?” (in Chinese).

My letter is unaltered, here below, except for taking their names out.  My ex’s response is below it.  I am incredulous. 

My ex’s response is below, unedited.  I am fully aware that the Court custody verdict clearly stated that “If the two parties cannot get along, sole custody will be awarded to one.” That one line in the Court paperwork clearly reveals why such full-throttle false accusations keep coming, three years later.  Sure, I called the grandfather picky (he was incredibly picky about pronunciation while teaching me years and years ago, so that is not a fabrication), but the reaction is over-the-top drama.  Naturally, if I try to reply to stop the nonsense, she just throws it back full-throttle again, trying to get the last word in.





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