Absurdities Continue

The following is the latest ridiculousness of the Custody Appeal Case; such allegations are nonsensical fabrications.  Without any hesitation, the aspects of the allegations which are ridiculous and absurd are marked with a BS.

Custody case related opinions are listed below:

A.The supplement filed by the defendant has contained selfish, twisted, arrogant and inexplicable accusations BS. The explanations below are based on respondent’s written opinions:

  1. The defendant claim that the ten days holiday requested by the respondent was intensionally causing his trouble. The reason is: the defendant could not travel alone according to the respondent’s time schedule BS. There is only himself in the defendant’s mind, he never care about the kids BS and the kids’ caregiver’s plain and need BS.
  2. The defendant claimed that he couldn’t talk to the kids through phone, and even asking for the judge to rule that the respondent must arrange twice calls a week for him and kids. In fact, kids don’t want to or are afraid to get phone call BS from the defendant. Instead of accepting the fact, the defendant blamed it on the respondent. The respondent and her parents feels embarrassed to make the emphasis that it is actually the kids who’s rejecting the calls BS, they are afraid of that the defendant would threaten the kids then BS. On the other hand, they are also afraid of that the judge might give him the permission, they really don’t know what to do BS.
  3. The daughter has been telling her that she’s feeling uncomfortable BS. The defendant were seducing them how to make recording BS and collect evidences every time they met. As what Dr. Kuo has claimed, the facts are different from the recording BS. We can tell that the defendant never cares about the kids’ feeling BS, and he is happy about it BS. And as what the defendant said, he has already edited BS hundreds of video, trying to mislead the judges.
  4. The daughter was crying BS and emphasizing that she has already express her willingness to the aunty who sent from the court. Why does she still have to go to papa, and why does it has to be that long(10 days)? BS

5.The daughter has to meet the defendant on Jan 14, 15 (Sat, Sun), but she has final exam in Jan 16 and she is very nervous. She was crying and begging for not going to papa BS and stay home to prepare her test. After placated by us BS, she finally asked her grandpa to make some of the chinese words into word card for her to review there (at her papa). She also expressed that if she wouldn’t be able to go to third grade if she failed the test BS. The defendant could make up those inexplicable accusations BS toward the respondent and her parents, and criticized Taiwanese educational system BS based on such a easy and normal thinking and expression for a kid. It is truly unreasonable. BS

  1. Some evil and harmful teaching methods BS of the defendant has caused serious trouble for the respondent and the family on teaching kids. As the words from the daughter: BS
  2. Teaching the kids its okay not to wear helmet when driving BS. Causing their son’s head injured by car accident BS.
  3. Teaching the kid that it is scary that the plane will crash BS. Leading to the kids’ insistence on not taking airplane. This has shown the evil intension of not letting the respondent take the kids abroad BS.
  4. Inculcating the kids that their grandparents are mean, don’t listen to them. BS
  5. Teaching the daughter that the eye of shrimp, fish, crab and sort of seafood is creepy, don’t eat. BS
  6. Threatening and seducing the kids to film and record the twisted, false and aggressive speech toward the respondent and her parents. BS
  7. The daughter has mentioned many times that the defendant told the kids to leave quickly BS without paying after the meal when the defendant took them out for food. It is unbelievable. BS (YES, THIS IS ALL UNBELIEVABLE!  BELIEVE ME.  EVERYONE IS INCREDULOUS!)

How do you educate the next generation properly with such an evil and false educational behavior BS? The once-a-week meeting between the kids and the defendant has caused the respondent trouble BS. The respondent therefore holds that the meeting time should be cut down BS, and the additional 10 days/20days during winter/summer break should also be canceled BS. In order not to cause the respondent and the kids trouble BS.


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