My MP3 Evidence was Ignored by the Court

In July of 2016, after two-years-plus of pursuing custody of my children (even partial, shared custody) and defending countless allegations against me, I lost the legal rights of being the main caregiver and custodian to my two children, with the Judge awarding full legal rights to my ex-wife.  The Judge’s verdict paperwork explained clearly that “nothing else was used in this case to award the rights to the mother other than the report of a Guardian ad Litem assigned to the case” and to a social worker’s report (which will be addressed at a later date).

Here in these two attached PDFs is the evidence, the transcript of the MP3 recording that I’d made on the day of the Guardian’s visit to my house, and that evidence completely counters her report, which came NINE months after she was assigned to the case, even though a Court document stated the Court was moving on without her investigation since she didn’t finish her report by the three-month deadline!  Why she was given nine months is still a mystery.

The report is nonsensical fabrication, utter travesty, and total falsehood.

I’ve lost my children because of a decision that was based on total farce.

Facts are facts.



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