Pecuniary Woes: What I’m up Against This Wednesday

I’m preparing to be let down this Wednesday.

On November 9, 2016, I’ll have a hearing for my finance-related case against my ex-wife. Supposedly, it is the last hearing, at least based on what the Judge said at the last hearing back in May or June.

Do I have hope?

Point blank, no way in hell.

Should I have hope?

Of-fucking-course I should, but I’m not in Kansas any more.

If my case were being heard in my home country, it would not have gone as long as it already has, now well over a year, nor would it have taken three hearings, with the fourth coming this week to deal with what it minimally entails.

I’d filed suit against her in Civil Court since it was related to debts owed, debts that she admitted to via emails, readily, both right before and also for nearly three months after separation.

There is NO doubt about it that my ex-wife owes me for debts that were established during our marriage, and she admitted to owing me for such debts. There is NO changing the facts of her written word, at least if such evidence was actually read and if the system here were reliable and genuine!

I do understand that my $18,000US case against her also includes a claim to items that were left at home upon separation, that were never gotten nor given to me afterwards, such as four not-cheap sport coats ($500US each) and two suits, my bicycle (which she has admitted to still being in the basement parking garage), and half the value of furniture from home (which was all just a year old-plus at the time of separation)–and that those items may not be recoverable nor payable (for she and her lawyer claim it was all sold off when she moved into her parents’ home nine months after separation–and they claim it was “falling-apart, spent trash”). Additionally, I’ve asked for a splitting of the bank accounts (one savings and one stock) as they were on the day of separation (no, we were not rich), too, but such requests and subsequent rulings may need to fall under the realm of the Family Court separation-of-marital-property dealings.

Yet her owing me for monies I lent her and were agreed upon as something she would pay back is unquestionably, irrefutably debts she still owes to me–and that means it should be heard and dealt with in Civil Court.

However, she has recently claimed that she was “sarcastically joking when I wrote him those emails about finance,” and “I wanted to save the marriage so I wrote him such things to attract him to come back.”


Would such nonsense cause concern back home? Never.  However, here in this foreign land, I feel those lies may lead to my demise–only because the Judge was so ridiculously focused on what she has claimed versus all the emails I’ve provided as proof of all!  (That Judge was in the Family Court hearing last month, not the Judge in my Civil Court case, yet it is guaranteed that those Judges have been in communication, and I wouldn’t doubt, at this stage–with all that’s transpired, that they are dealing with things behind closed doors, in collusion.)

To make matters more worrisome, this past Wednesday, I met with a trained-in-law-school acquaintance who explained, shockingly, that, “Here, it is common practice that a Judge will listen to what someone says in Court and put more weight behind it than what’s submitted in documents. I hate to say that, but it is true in ________. You know that those judges don’t have time to read everything you’ve submitted.” 

These two attached PDF file clearly show original email evidence, in which my-wife and I discussed finances.  They are enough to legitimately show that the woman owes me, still–and enough to refute her nonsense allegations.  Yet the ball is in the court of the Court.  Let’s see how it bounces on Wednesday.



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