Stick a Fork in Me



With four cases still pending (the custody deal, a criminal case against my ex for the abduction of the children, a compensation claim that is already seeing hurdles being thrown up, and a new case she has just filed this week), and having lost a huge case this summer (and all associated fees), having also spent over $12,000US cash so far, I am not up to an appeal.  Here’s what I wrote the Judge since I had a deadline as of today.


September 24, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

I, __________, will forever remain incredulous that the Judge of this case rejected my claims. I am astonished now, and I will forever be astonished, that the Court denied me on every claim against __________. I’ve not seen any greater travesty than the final decision of this case, in all of my life. The ruling is a farce. It is a mockery of Justice, or at least what Justice should be.

__________ has treated me like dog shit these past two years. She withdrew my daughter from my school in the fall of 2013 on one night’s notice, sending me into a world of pain, for she was bent on destroying my relationship with my children—and that’s when it started. She then refused to split our two joint bank accounts. She refused to pay me back the money she owes me for her university loans. She refused to pay me back for money she owes for our family travels in 2013. She demanded $50,000nt cash per month (for six months’ total upfront payments) in December of 2013 (an egregious amount). She called the police on me to wrest the car from me in early January of 2014, even though a written agreement was made for me to take ownership of the car. She lied endlessly to the police about our monetary affairs. She contacted my employer, twice, to get them involved in our marriage/divorce problems. And she then abducted my children from me for 189 days.

During those 189 days, I saw numerous lawyers, social service organizations, wrote the news media to file a story about the abduction, wrote other organizations about her abduction of the children—and I saw counseling services. __________ ignored every email and text message, and her parents hung up the phone on me—for 189 days she completely ignored me and my attempts to help, to see, and to visit the kids. I cried countless times, in front of coworkers and friends.

__________ herself had sent me emails to say I was an excellent father and the kids “are your life”, even AFTER separation, which means my life was pure hell for those six months of the abduction because the KIDS ARE MY LIFE. However, the Court rejected that she abused and violated my rights (parental, legal, and custodial) to be a father to my children. How on Earth can the Courts reject all of my claims?

I have no doubt in my mind that the system here will never support a foreigner. The playing field is grossly uneven. I provided countless, valid evidence, and, on the other hand, __________ fabricated bullshit. Her letter from the police station came 1.5 years after the event, but it had enough details that it CLEARLY was written by her daddy and signed by the police just this year. How much money was exchanged for this to happen? Or was it because the police station where they visited is the closest police station to their family’s illegal cram school—so the connections were already established a long time ago. Illegal businesses in this country operate because of yearly “red envelopes”. That’s a fact. How many “red envelopes” were exchanged lately? This is all a horrible joke.

Although I have already invested endless energies to showing all the wrong doings __________ perpetrated, and anyone with logical understanding of Justice knows that I should have won this case, I am not going to file an appeal.

The Court has already shown its nature. __________ violated my rights as a father. She mentally abused the children by forcing their daddy out of their lives for 189 days, a daddy who can be proven by videos to have been an engaged, caring, loving father for the first few years of their lives (until he was forced out). If the Court cannot see how that is NOT a violation of my rights, they won’t see anything else I submit in an appeal.

I have already spent and lost a total of $340,000nt in lawyer costs and consultations, translators and interpreting fees, lost wages from work, photocopying costs, etc. I cannot afford another court filing fee and stand to lose that cash, too, as I lost the fees just to file the first case.

Even though the Court included some hints in the verdict explanation that I had a right to file based on __________ Civil Code Article ____, I don’t have a lawyer to explain any of that legally to me. I had been given tips from a lawyer I’d seen for consultations, and he’d clearly stated the Legal Code articles I could use in my case against __________, but I still failed, nonetheless. Without a lawyer (and without the money to afford a new one), I do not stand a chance to present an appeal case any more than I already have.

Thus, no appeal will be filed. But the Court must know that this is all a mockery of what Justice is supposed to be.



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