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Divorce Overseas: The Carnapping

At the time of this posting, the worst day of my life happened when my ex-wife called the police on me to wrest the car from me. Originally posted on another blog page in early 2014, it is now being … Continue reading

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My World Came Undone Today: Travesty and Farce Have Prevailed

Today’s three-separate-cases-combined-into-one hearing destroyed my life. My heart beyond broken and my spirit defeated, I am starting this blog with a numbness worse than any emotional episode and mental challenge I’ve faced in my life, hitherto. I am making NO … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Say Farewell to My Children; This, to My Ex-Wife

Dearest Isabella and Derek, my Kiddos for Life! Starting this letter is like swallowing red hot coals right off the barbecue, pulling my toenails slowly out with a pair of pliers, shoving a q-tip up my urethra, combined, and any … Continue reading

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